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Roland [TD-10] and Yamaha [TP60]

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  • Roland [TD-10] and Yamaha [TP60]

    Is a Yamaha TP60 pad a duel trigger? Head and rim, also is it fully compatable w/ Roland TD10? I was told it was duel trigger but I am not getting RIM from AUX 1

    Tblsht: plugger crash into Aux 1 and got duel responce

    I was told it the TP60 was duel trigger , was I misled?

    BTW: This forum and Uguys are great a very helpfull and inspiring.


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    A quick google search took me to the Yamaha web site which says this about the TP60:

    "Drum pads used for tom, floor tom, snare and hi-hat pads. The rubber drum pad incorporates a highly sensitive piezo pickup. The pad plays quietly yet offers a feeling that's realistic and makes acoustic drum like snare rolls possible (Rim shots are not possible)."

    Seems as though you were mislead. Bummer.


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      thanks Mud

      Daaaaa next time I'll do a search, Geeeze, felling DblDum

      But thanks for taking the time


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        Late response here, but if it is a TP65S then it is dual zone. In fact it's three zone. The TP60 is a much older pad that came with their original DTXpress module. Also, even with a TP65S, dual zone sounds on a Roland module are not possible. Yahama uses a special stereo piezo switch which is much different that that of Roland's triggers. I tried everything I could think of, but could not get the TP65S to work as a dual zone snare on my TD-6, only the single snare head would work.