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Roland [TD-10] and Yamaha [TP60]

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  • Roland [TD-10] and Yamaha [TP60]

    Is a Yamaha TP60 pad a duel trigger? Head and rim, also is it fully compatable w/ Roland TD10? I was told it was duel trigger but I am not getting RIM from AUX 1

    Tblsht: plugger crash into Aux 1 and got duel responce

    I was told it the TP60 was duel trigger , was I misled?

    BTW: This forum and Uguys are great a very helpfull and inspiring.


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    A quick google search took me to the Yamaha web site which says this about the TP60:

    "Drum pads used for tom, floor tom, snare and hi-hat pads. The rubber drum pad incorporates a highly sensitive piezo pickup. The pad plays quietly yet offers a feeling that's realistic and makes acoustic drum like snare rolls possible (Rim shots are not possible)."

    Seems as though you were mislead. Bummer.
    Id rather be told the ugly truth than handed a pretty lie.


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      thanks Mud

      Daaaaa next time I'll do a search, Geeeze, felling DblDum

      But thanks for taking the time


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        Late response here, but if it is a TP65S then it is dual zone. In fact it's three zone. The TP60 is a much older pad that came with their original DTXpress module. Also, even with a TP65S, dual zone sounds on a Roland module are not possible. Yahama uses a special stereo piezo switch which is much different that that of Roland's triggers. I tried everything I could think of, but could not get the TP65S to work as a dual zone snare on my TD-6, only the single snare head would work.