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TD-10 (TDW-1) Double Trigger Problem

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  • TD-10 (TDW-1) Double Trigger Problem

    I've experienced some annoying double triggering on Tom 3 (PD-120).

    1. Tried retensioning head both tighter and looser, problem persists or gets worse.
    2. Tried plugging crash 2 into tom 3 at brain, tom 3 into crash 2 at brain, problem disappears.
    3. Swapped cables, problem persists.
    4. Tried swapping PD-120 pads, problem persists (on Tom 3 only).
    5. Adjusted trigger sensitivity, problem persists.
    6. Re-initialized brain to factory settings, problem persists.

    My gut is telling me it's head tension that's causing it, but you'd figure that swapping pads would make the problem shift to Tom 4, but it doesn't.

    Any ideas?

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    I don't know why this should occur only on Tom 3 and not Tom 4 with the same pad, but try increasing the value for RetrigCancel slightly on the TRIGGER ADVANCED screen (SETUP, TRIG (F1), ADVNCD (F3)).