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Td 12/20 differences

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  • Td 12/20 differences

    Im curious on the main differences. I can't afford the 20 at the moment but im wondering if the extra features on the it are worth extra money. My main use i want out of it is to change drums to any size and material:steel, brass, and wood. I also want to be able to have two snares two rack toms and two floor toms. Would i be able to do this setup on a td 12?
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    As for the main differences, fewer outputs on the TD12. Not important unless you are doing very involved recording or mixing.

    Using VdrumLib will give you access to a lot of the features available on the TD20 that you can't access on the TD12's regular menu.

    I would say if it's a question of getting the TD12 now or waiting to get the TD20, go ahead and get the TD12 and VdrumLib. It's unlikely you will regret this decision.
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      Same challenge I am having. Of course there is this long awaited, "soon to be released" upgrade coming for the TD-20 that folks are hoping will take the -20 to 11. Nothing like Roland to put that out there to drive more frenzy to the -20.
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