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Optimising The Bass Drum Sound in TD20

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  • Optimising The Bass Drum Sound in TD20


    I seem to have a problem with my current bass drum sound on my TD20. For some reason its sounds "thin" and "tinny" with no real bottom end.

    I had real problems at my last gig as the sound man (in house) was tearing his hair out at me!

    I have a 22" deep setting with a few mufflers.

    I have tried running two main outs and also a separate out for the bass but nothing seems to work!

    Therefore, can anyone please advise what the best EQ/Comp settings are to achieve this and which wil also allow me to cut through low end keyboard's/bass frequencies in a "live" rock type environment?

    The same I guess can be said for my toms

    Sorry if this has been talked about before but I can't really find a thread hat helps me.


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    The problem with offering advice about EQ in a live situation is that so much depends on the equipment and the space. If you have pumped up the EQ on the module and the board and you still aren't getting what you want, the problem is most likely your speakers. Sub-woofers are pretty much requisite for a chest-thumping kick. Also, if you are running everyone, yourself included, through the same PA, you may be overloading it and the protection circuitry may be dropping some of the low end.

    Normally the toms are the least problematic. Most systems carry them so well you have to actually dial them back a bit.

    Are you using any of the kits from vexpressionsltd.com? Most TD12 and 20 owners swear by them (as do I). These will help, but I suspect the real culprit is the sound system downstream from the module.


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      Optimising the Bass Drum Sound in TD20


      Thanks for your reply.

      I have some V expressions samples which I will use in the next live set up.

      Once again thanks for your feedback.