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Homemade Kick Trigger

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  • Homemade Kick Trigger

    Thanks to this board and Beatnik (BtnkBndt)who wrote the book on homemade drums!!

    I needed to make a temporary kick trigger while my other was out to repair. Talk about necessity being the mother of invention. I did it with parts lying around the house. At first I thought I would make an inverted one using some 1 1/2 inch pvc pipe covered with a mousepad material. But then I searched the garage and found a pair of dot-matrix printer stands (remember the kind that looked like railroad trestles?). I used one and it worked perfectly. I mounted it standing straight up to a piece of wood for the pedal to clamp to and I glued the piezo sensor deep in the top portion. I already had an inline 1/4" phone jack and an old piezo buzzer my kid had used for a science fair project. I took the buzzer apart and carefully removed (tossed) the electronic circuit board with the oscillator circuit on it. This left the piezo transducer and three wires. You only hook up to the outer rim and the bigger portion of ceramic if it is a 3 wire transducer. The third connection to the little finger-like portion is ignored since it is only used for "feedback" in buzzer applications (it would have probably been easier to go to Radio Shack and buy their $1.49 two-wire piezo element part #273-073 as Beatnik recommends!). Anyhow, this worked and let's hope it last at least 2 weeks. Here is a pic: