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Does the TD3 support Dual Zone TomToms?

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  • Does the TD3 support Dual Zone TomToms?

    I have had my TD3 for a few day and am very happy.. But there is one thing I would be grateful if someone could confirm.

    Do the Tom inputs support 'Dual Zone' pads? I am pretty sure that the answer is no, but I must admit that I am a little confused by this, considering that the Snare and Cymbal inputs are 'Dual Zone' and the PD8 pads are dual zone.

    So could someone confirm this, just so that I don't waste any time trying to get this working.



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    You are correct. The TD-3 doesn't support dual triggering on the tom inputs.


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      No, sorry. The TD-3 does not support dual-zones on the toms.


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        I haven't looked into this but I think my TD3 has an extra input jack for a cymbal that is dual zone. If so, can you plug in one dual trigger tom to it and assign tom voices to it? I am a painfully green noob in this area so I apologize if I'm talking out of my a$$.
        TD9 Frankenkit


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          Yes, you could, but thats not really the question. The OP only asks about the tom inputs. Good point though!


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            Many thanks all... Thats what I thought, but just wanted to check.

            Like the idea of using the spare cymbal input.. Might be worth thinking about.