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How do you config a TD3 for the PDX-8 and CY-5?

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  • How do you config a TD3 for the PDX-8 and CY-5?

    This follows on from my question last night, where I had problems getting my PDX-8 to do a 'rim shot'.

    I am surprised that in the TD3 manual (supplied with the TD-3KW) it doesn't even mention the CY-5 and PDX-8.. There is an 'owners manual' whihc talks about them, but says "refer to the TD3 Owners Manual"

    Basically, my questions is this... On page 51, there is a table which shows how to configure the TD3 with each pad type.. Can I confirm that I should configure it as follows:

    PDX-8: [80r] For PD-80, PD-80R and PD-85
    CY-5: [Cy] For CY-6, CY12, etc

    Its was currently set to [Pd8] and [Cy8] and I know that its wrong for the PDX-8, but what about the Cymbal?

    Any confirmation of this would be appreciated


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    The TD-3 manual was printed before the PDX-8 and CY-5 were "invented".

    The reference in the TD-3K manual to the TD-3 manual for PDX-8 settings is misleading but intended to be for general rather than specific info I think.

    The PDX-8 manual (Page 5) says use 80r on a TD-3.

    The CY-5 manual (Page 6) says use Cy on a TD-3.

    There's a one page addendum to the TD-3K manual which gives settings for the PDX-8 (attached).

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