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Percussion sets on the TD-8

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  • Percussion sets on the TD-8

    I use an external set of pads (Yamaha DD50) that is connected to the TD-8 using midi.

    To get it to trigger the sounds I want, I have customised a user percussion set.

    But... how can I select a percussion set? The only way it can be done according to the manual is with a program change.

    Isn't there a way to select it directly from the module?

    Thanks, Rob

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    The short version of the question is: how do I select a percussion set on the TD-8?

    And now for the long version...

    My setup is the same as shown in the TD-8 manual on page 153: Using with the Roland SPD-20. Except, I use the DD50 instead of the SPD-20.

    The DD50 is used to trigger sounds on the TD-8. The midi notes of the pads on the DD50 are mapped in such a way that they do not conflict with the midi notes of my roland pads.

    If I hit a pad on the DD50, the TD-8 will play a note based on the percussion set (see page 184/185 of the manual) that is active at that time.

    I have customised a user percussion set, so that each pad on the DD50 will play the sound that I want.

    No problem so far... but...


    The only thing that I've been able to find in the manual, is sending a midi program change message (Pages 156-158). e.g. on page 158 it says that if you send a program change midi message 69, this will activate the electric percussion set.

    I'm just confused that it does not seem possible to select a percussion set by simply pressing a few buttons directly on the TD-8.

    Sorry for the lengthy post... just trying to explain the problem in detail


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      I don't know the TD-8, but on the 10 a specific percussion group is assigned to each kit (default on all 50 kits is perc.group 1). On the 10, the only way to switch through the different perc. groups is to assign a different perc. group to each kit (done at the kit set-up level), then send a MIDI program change to change kits and the perc. group changes to the perc. group assigned to that kit. That sounds confusing - and it is easier said than done.