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Good news for TDW-1 Upgrade

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  • Good news for TDW-1 Upgrade

    I just got my TDW-1 back from the upgrade and guess what? All my custom kits are still there. So if you have been holding off getting your TDW-1 upgrade because you don't want to lose our settings fear not. Also it took less than a week to get my unit out and back. If you give Roland $10.00 they will UPS red it back to you. I just got the V-Cymbals along with an SPD-11 and with me setting them up tonight, cannot wait!!!
    Ted H.

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    Did you send just the card back or the entire TD-10 brain with card? I thought I read somewhere on here that you should send the entire brain back -- but I just talked to Roland and they said just send the card...

    So does anybody know which way to do it.. I think I also read in the manual that if you remove the card from the TD-10, the TD-10 won't work anymore -- So I'm kinda apprehensive about removing the card..

    Denver, CO
    Vpro Drummer


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      Just the card. I did not turn the power on to my TD-10 until I re-installed card.
      Ted H.