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Playing through headphones

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  • Playing through headphones

    I know that one can play the drums through headphones, but I was wondering if it was possible to jam with other instruments; i.e. guitar/bass etc...through headsets as well? This would make practicing in an apartment possible.

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    Yes, it is very possible. I was in a band in the early 90's that did all of their rehearsing this way.I have been thinking of that as I live in an apt.I found it to be a very effective way to rehearse. If memory serves me correctly, we could hear everything very well.
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      Easy, just run everyone into a small mixer, and from the output of the mixer into a headphone distribution amp. This would allow several people to plug in headphones and receive the same mix.

      You could run an output from the headphone amp to your line in on the V-drum module, then run your headphones directly from your module. This would allow you to pump up the drums in your personal mix without screwing up everyone else's levels.

      Good luck,


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        Thats just what we do,I run everthing through
        a mixer,(then into a layla)and we all wear headphones,much easier to hear,not to metion the neighbors
        wont hate you..only bad thing is you will have to buy some sort of headphone amp to run
        multiple pairs out...but it's worth it


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          speaking of hp amps, anybody got any suggetsions. at the moment we (deep funk quartet) just split the two hp exits of our mixer but everybody uses a different hp, so that gives some differences in volume (can be annoying after a while ...)



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            Hi Frank,

            what you need is this one; http://www.rolls.com/new/ha43.html

            don't know if it's available in Belgium, in The Netherlands it is I think.

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              If it's just one person you want to jam with get a "Y" adapters and use the "mix in" on the TD-10 in my case you'll need another "Y" for the headphone out . Work very well for me. Have done this with a buddy the last two weekends and even recorded the jams into cakewalk......very good mix overall ,no problems hearing anything