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TD8 how to?

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  • TD8 how to?

    I was wondering if its possible to record (sequence) a preset track with a live drum beat over top. e.g. play to a preset song and have it record it with the live drum beat in the module. If this is possible, how? thanks. I can't figure out how to do it...even if I can only record the drum track I would like to do that (but record it playing to preset song)

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    The songs on the TD-8 are simply series of patterns. E.g. song 1 Funk is made up of patterns 476-481.

    You can record patterns though. The possibilities there are also limited. You can only record realtime and there are no editing options.

    If you want to record the drums to an existing song/pattern, I would advise you use a midi program (cakewalk/cubase) if you have a computer. Otherwise... I don't see how you could do it. Anyone else perhaps?