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Mackie 1202 mixer live and recording routing options

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  • Mackie 1202 mixer live and recording routing options

    Maybe this has been mentioned before, but would welcome any suggestions for routing outputs from a DM PRO or TD-8 to a Mackie 1202 for purposes of live performance and recording..

    My goal is to isolate kick, snare, toms, cymbals, hats...

    The Dm Pro has a little more flexiblity, since you have six outs available, however, these come out to be three stereo pairs, so I'm wondering if anyone has found a workable solution to this routing question..

    Also, in a session yesterday, tried to record a midi performance from the Dm Pro, using an Fd-7 Roland Hat controller, and Digital Performer did not read the "Controller" hat message, thus rendering
    the hat part of the performance unusable...

    Any one out there with this same dilemna??

    thank ya, thank ya, thank ya

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    How about a stereo mix of all cymbals (including hats) from one stereo pair into a stereo input, the same for the toms, from the second stereo pair to the other stereo mixer input and then with the last stereo pair, pan the kick and snare hard left and hard right respectively (or vice versa) and then send each side of the stereo pair to a separate mono input on the Mackie (which should then be all but perfectly separated with no bleed).

    This config would give you a lovely, separated, stereo mix which you can tweak to your hearts extent with the Mackie and any outboard. I wish the TD-8 had that possibility! With the TD-8, you won't be able to get the separate stereo mixes of toms and cymbals.

    I think I'm right with this? Szvook?


    [This message has been edited by Schmunk (edited May 18, 2001).]
    TD-8, Pintech pads, Pearl rack, Mackie SRM-450, Behringer 802 mixer and DSP1400 UltraMizer, Electric Sticks.


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      thanks schmuck...

      yours is the best rig I've come up with so far..