I just got an SPD-11 and am wondering if I can do this. Can I use a stereo Y cable out of my FD-7 (Male to 2 females) and then go one to my TD-10 exp and the other to the SPD-11 to get 2 hi-hats? Also can I turn the pedal sound off on the SPD-11 so I don't get 2 sounds from the FD-7? Also when I get the SPD-11 hooked up is it better to run it through the Aux In or just to the PA seperate? I will be using the SPD-11 with MIDI for some stuff but there are sounds on the SPD-11 that I want to use. (like the gun shot the shot on the TD-10 sucks really bad) Is there a better solution all together? I am still pondering the placement of the SPD-11 Right side or Left and what do do with my 4 new inputs??
Thanks for all the help in advance.