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Two Hi-Hats?

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  • Two Hi-Hats?

    We have a left-handed and right-handed drummer on our worship team. With an extra PD7 I would like to set up a hi-hat on the right side of the kit. Is there a split cable (Y-cable) that can come out of the hi-hat port on the TD-10 to feed both pads? And if so, can the two pads be programmed to be hi-hats?

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    I routinely do this with my VPro kit - If you have an extra input, just plug the pd7 into that, and then assign a hihat sound to it. The foot pedal will affect both pads.

    I use whichever hihat I need depending on what I'm doing with the toms/crashes/etc for a part.


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      How about putting the HH in the middle of the kit - some of the guys around here are doing this and finding it very effective, it may be better for both of you . . . certainly worth a try!
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        Thanks. All good ideas. I will check Radio Shack this week for the Y cable. It sounds exactly what I am looking for.


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          You could easily program different kits for left and right handed playing. Hat pad and ride pad could be alternated in the module not actually any adding pads or adapters. Be kind of hard to figure an ambidextrous setup that wouldn't have to be readjusted though. Just a thought?


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            I've posted this in the wishlist before.
            I'm left handed and played left setup for
            a little more than 10yrs. and right handed set up for 6. You won't know the frustration
            we left handers go through, and it's just what we naturally do.

            Edrums should have the switch to change any Patch to "Left handed" setup. Otherwise, like
            Btnk said, just program a kit/s to the left handed setup with minor hardware adjustments.
            Or your left handed drummer can still reach the original hihat position, but the toms/snare (and maybe cymbals) would have to be reprogrammed too.



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