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problem with a pd-120/td-7 combo

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  • problem with a pd-120/td-7 combo

    I recently bought a TD-7 (non turbo) with 6 pd-7s and a pd-120 for the snare.

    The problem is whenever I hit the rim of the pd-120 it always triggers the head sound instead of the rim sound. Basically the pd-120 functions as a single trigger pad at the moment. Is this something I can change in the TD-7 or do I need to get the 120 serviced?


    Also, where might I get a Turbo upgrade for the TD-7?

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    If you tweak it just right and wack it hard enough in the right spot you can get a 2 piezo pad to rim trigger with a TD-7 (turbo)... I know because I've done it... but, it is very erratic and not dependable. Harlock is absolutely right though, there are issues with trying to use the newer mesh pads with the older module. You will never get the kind of response out of the PD-120 it was designed for as when used with the TD-8 or TD-10. About all you'll gain is the physical feel more akin to a regular acoustic drum vs. the rubber pad feel. Also, I have noticed that the mesh pad used with the TD-7t has a more limited dynamic range than the rubber pads. Bummer


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      My worst fears confirmed!

      Oh well, I got a good deal on it and I like the feel of the PD 120.

      Guess I'll start saving for a TD-10.....


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        An idea -

        Can I use some sort of splitter to divide the stereo (pad + rim) signal into two mono signals and connect them to two separate inputs? I have the tom 4 input open now.

        Any other ideas?


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          Are you using a stereo cable to connect the pad to the brain?

          I still can't use the rim of one of my
          PD-7's because I used a cheapy radio
          shack MONO cable.

          just a idea.