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Incomplete Output When Using TD8's Direct Outputs..

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  • Incomplete Output When Using TD8's Direct Outputs..

    Howdy peeps. I hope someone can enlighten me here.

    If you have a TD8 and are using 4 Toms(through Aux1/2), goto patch # 41, and whack Tom tom #4. You should hear a melodic keyboard (midi) riff that plays as you hit consecutively. You'll only hear this through your Headphones and 2xMaster Outputs, not the stereo pair of Direct Outputs. I ask because I was trying to play this melodic line on Tom #4 while using my direct outs into our Mackie Mixer. The sound did not register through the Direct Outs. Does anyone know why this is?

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    Have you set the Output Assign for Aux1&2 so that they'll play through Direct Output?

    Check: Setup -> Menu (F3) -> Out (F3)

    Each pad can have the following values: Master, Master Left, Master Right, Direct, Direct Left, Direct Right, Master & Direct.

    Hope this helps!



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      There was another kit with a snare that played a second (annoying!) sound along with it. Hard to eliminate. The solution was to drop the background mixer level slide to zero on that kit. Dunno if this is related, but it might be.