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a tdw1 question

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  • a tdw1 question

    I looked thru as many as I could and did not find this question...sorry if missed it.

    I want to buy a TDW1 card this week...how do I know if it is the latest version of the card? Are there new numbers or ID codes somewhere. I don't want to load the card and then have to mail the td10 to Roland for upgrade.


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    Get hold of drumworld, www.drumworld.com

    ask for jim,he will hook you up with the right one.


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      This was posted under Products, TDW-1 new versus old.
      The new ones have a red and white sticker on the box and the card labled "TDW-1 with V-Cymbal Control"
      Got mine from http://www.musiciansbuy.com/electronic_drum.htm#TDW1
      for $259.00. These guys know what they are selling, not like most others who say yea they'll work with the V-Cymbals (about the old TDW-1).