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Midi cable to serial port on laptop

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  • Midi cable to serial port on laptop

    I just bought a V-session and want to hook it up to my Dell laptop for midi control and to play around. I need a midi to serial DB9 Male cable. Does anyone know where I can get one, or have the specs for pin placement to make my own?

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    try here for some midi interface products: http://www.midiman.com/product.htm

    A lot of internet retailers (www.musiciansfriend.com, etc.) sell midi interface cables as well.

    hope that helps...
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      Thanks for the site information. I never thought of using USB connector or a breakout box. On my piano I use a serial to a mini 9 jack. Then I have to run a program at windows startup to direct midi output to the serial port. I thought that I could do the same with a serial to midi cable and bypass the breakout box.