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Triggering the rims

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  • Triggering the rims

    I just got a V-Pro w/TDW1 used and did not get a manual. I was wondering if anyone knew how I could get the rims to trigger on v-pads other than the snare. I am getting the rims to trigger on the cymbal pads. The other pads are dual trigger right? I am using a stereo cable for each pad.

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    The 10" pads are not dual triggered - so no separate rim sound.

    There is a lot of info in the manual - can't you get a copy from whoever sold you the kit? It will be extremely useful to have, since there is a lot of fun stuff to learn
    E-drums: TD-20, RT-5S triggers on snare/toms, KD-7s, VH12, CY-14Cs, CY-15R, Pintech splash.
    A-drums: Zickos (amber) w/ all Zildjians.


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      The 'Tom' inputs on the TD10 are mono inputs, even though the PD120 pads have 2 piezo triggers. So, you can't trigger the rims on these when connected to the Tom inputs. The PD100s are mono pads with no rim triggers. The cymbal pads are 'stereo' pads consisting of a piezo trigger plus a FSR (Force Sensitive Resistor) rim trigger. The cymbal jacks will trigger pad & rim sounds from PD-7/9s, but they will *not* trigger head+rim on dual-piezo PD120s.

      Hope that helps... Search the archives here for more details. $^)


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          And one of those commandments should read...

          ...and no Vdrummer shall be discriminated against based on the lack of their knowledge or for seeking to know answers to questions deemed inappropriate or tedious by other Vdrummers.


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            Give me a break guys...I've owned these things for just over 5 days!! Give me some time and I'll be an expert like the rest of you. But thanks for the info. I was able to find some answers elsewhere on the site...and those answers pretty much were that Roland was spouting a little bit of bullsh*t when it comes to the dual trigger capabilities.


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              Originally posted by drmoze:
              The 'Tom' inputs on the TD10 are mono inputs ...
              No. All TD-10 trigger inputs are stereo/dual.