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Vcymbal Question..

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  • Vcymbal Question..

    I just wanted to know what kind of input do i need to use for the hi hat + ride VCymbals.(TD-8)
    Can i use the same input that i'm using for the pd-7-9?
    I'm asking because i would like to sell my hihat + ride pads, and to by 2 VCymbals, but don't know if i have enough inputs for it. (i don't have any free input left on my my td-8...)

    Roy A.

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    Yes, they use the same inputs. You will only get two zones from the ride with the TD8, instead of three with the TD10 and cymbal upgrade, however. But on the upside, that means you won't be taking up a second input for the ride.


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      Sorry, I misunderstood. You want trigger settings and I don't know the answer to that for the TD8.