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ripped kd-120 head

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  • ripped kd-120 head

    I have a small tear in the head right wear the beater hits. Is the going to affect the triggering? Also how much are replacements? One more thing. anybody using a DRum Kat 3.5 with the v's? I need some help.

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    Yeah in time the rip will get bigger and you will be beating on something inside of your kick drum that was never intended to have your pedal beat on it. Get a replacement now. Musician's Friend has them for $22.99. You can pick them up at any music store that sells Roland V Drums as well.

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      I would also reccomend a new head, however,the piezo is not located in the center of the kd120 but rather towards the top edge. I therefore would not be to concerned about hurting it.


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        I agree. A new head is in order.
        BTW I am using a Drum Kat 3.8 in my rig, what do you need help with? I am not using roland pads though, I use pintech concert cast mesh pads. But I am wiz at the Drum Kat.
        Matt "The Gladiator DP" Saunders


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          Well looks like i'll be getting a new head. Oh about the drumkat...i just don't know exactly how to set the pads from the drumkat to sounds on the TD-10. Also i was wondering about layering with that. One last thing. Is there a way to Tune the melodic percussion so it's by notes and not by adjusting the pitch up and down.