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Yamaha HH80 - Roland FD-7

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  • Yamaha HH80 - Roland FD-7

    I've got a Yamaha DTX2U module. I hoped to use my Roland FD-7 as the hi-hat controller. The problem is that the Yamaha module uses a stereo input for the hi-hat controller and the FD-7 uses mono. Anyone know of a way to make this work...or does anyone have a Yamaha HH80 pedal they'd trade for a good FD-7?



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    I think a trade would be your best bet and maybe your only option. This is a schematic from a yamaha pedal Someone sent me with a similar question:

    You would have to build a conversion box with a mono input jack to replace the bank of resistors and switches to the right. Still the problem is resistance. The FD7 I believe is around 25k and the Yamaha is...well your guess is as good as mine?

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      Im on the lookout for a FD7 . In case you are interested in a sale contact me. I have a Roland SPD11 and am trying to use it with pedals from ayamaha DD 50.
      Vinay - [email protected]