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TD-10 tempo light?

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  • TD-10 tempo light?

    Greetings all...

    I have a rather unique question (I believe) that I know all you V-drum/midi guruís out there can handle:
    (Any suggestions are duly appreciated)

    I play in a 3-piece and we use some sequenced patterns in our live shows. Some sequences are longer than others, which creates the need to occasionally play along to a click track for solid timing w/patterns.
    I play drums and sing w/a headset mic (another drummer thatís not tone-deaf?!) so wearing headphones w/a click track is quite impractical (difficult to hear the harmonies).
    Short of buying an earphone monitor system, (don't want that click audible to the audience), we were trying to devise a way to rig a midi(?) signal somehow (slave/master triggered?) via my TD-10 and/or his Korg Triton (hereís the trick) to an external light/device that would flash or blink to a metronome signal the the pattern's tempo...
    Anybody attempted anything like this??
    Iím not a midi/lighting Mensa, and we have a couple ideas, but I was hoping to tap the brain-trust of this site to see it there are other ideas that could be feasible (without spending a fortune and years of our time)?

    BTW...Thanks to all who contribute your time to this site--itís been a PRICELESS resource over the years!

    (utah bites)
    (utah bites)

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    Maybe this will work for you. Are you good with a solderin' iron?


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      Thanks Btnk...

      I'm not sure I'm quite THAT handy with the soldering iron, but if I don't figure out anything better, I may have to sit down with a few good beers over the weekend and try winging it.

      It's what I'm looking for (if I could only find something preassembled and spare what little is left of my fragile sanity)


      (utah bites)
      (utah bites)