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My "ride"cymbal is freakin´

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  • My "ride"cymbal is freakin´

    Sometimes when i hit my hi-hatpad the ride cymbal sounds..I´ve turned the crosstalk to max on both cymbals but it still don´t work!
    I use the TD-8 customkit..HELP HILFE HJÄLP

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    Try to raise the threshold a bit while playing. In some cases the amount of threshold that is needed for one pad/cymbal will very from the amount for the next pad/cymbal, so tweak both of them.

    How high is your sensitivity set for the pads/cymbals?

    What rack are you using?

    Are you on top of a drum riser? Is it hollow?

    Are you playing through headphones or PA?
    If PA; how close are your speakers to you? Are they raised? How strong are they and your amp (if using one)?


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