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I Fixed My Hot Spot Exp

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  • I Fixed My Hot Spot Exp

    I recently purchased a Hart Acupad 10" dual zone for snare. I was having problems with the much-discussed hot spot issue. After lots of tweeking and experimenting, I solved the issue. Here are my settings, perhaps they will help (and I have a killer sounding snare if I do say so myself).


    Snare #90 Medium1S
    Rim #91 Medrim1S

    9" depth
    Tuning +33
    Head: Coated
    Strainer loose

    Sensitivity 1
    Threshold 1
    Curve: LOG1
    Scan time: 2.0
    Retrigger: 4
    Mask : 12
    Xtalk: 25

    Head tension: normal

    On the compressor...

    Threshold -34
    Ratio 4:1
    Attack: 0.1
    Release: 600
    Output +9 (yeah, I know...)

    By setting my sensitivity down to 1 and using the compressor to add the "oomph" I was missing, I have all but eliminated the hot spot. Sure, it's still there just a touch if I smack the drum dead center with a huge whack, but I'm a failry hard hitting former rock drummer and during normal play the hot spot is no longer an issue at all.


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    Unconventional to say the least...

    But if it works for you, then it works! Well done and thumbs up!


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      Cool. What I do is practically the same with my trigger settings and especially my compressor:

      Sensitivity 3
      Threshold 0
      Curve: Linear


      Threshold -35
      Ratio 3:1
      Attack: 0.5
      Release: 400
      Output +8

      Your compressor (and mine) are reducing the volume of the snare by a given amount (Ratio) when the signal rises above the Threshold (who's value is set to isolate mostly the volume of a hotspot strike). Since the volume reduction caused by the compressor happens along a curve (the compressor KNEE), the Output value is increased to compensate for the volume loss. This in effect also brings up the volume of quieter notes (helps bring out the ghosts notes in a mix, but also increases the noise floor), but if the quieter notes are too loud at first, thats where fiddling around with trigger settings will compensate (reduce sensitivity). It is a balance, and when you get it dialed in, the snare on the TD-10 exp plays really fine.

      But enough of that mumbo jumbo. What I really meant to say was ... ROCK!

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        I just got my TDW-1 back from Roland. I'll be setting up my TD-10 soon and checking things out. I am intrigued by your methods. Actually I am baffled a bit, expecially when I see DB using the log 1 and his choice of compression and sensitivity settings. I would have never thought to go that route. But then again, I never had a hot spot on that snare.

        Snare #90 was always my favorite. I preferred the brass shell. I did occassionally have hot spots on a couple other snares. Some, coupled with other particular settings seemed to be more prone to them. After several years of owning the module, I settled in on 3 to 5 different kits and didn't mess with the others. So it was a non-issue for me.

        I have finally got to spend some real time with my TD-20 during the last week. No hot spots there. In the beginning I found myself missing some of the TD-10 sounds, but as I learn my way around the unit, that is wearing off. Still... after tweaking Snare #90 for 7 or 8 years, I got that sucker to the point of perfection.

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