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Velocity \ Volume sensor

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  • Velocity \ Volume sensor

    Hi- I've been a drummer\percussionist for a couple of years, and am finally taking the plunge into a full set of V-Drums-- A friend of mine is renovating his studio and is getting rid of some not-so-used gear so I'm picking them up at a slight deal. I've played them quite a bit, but havent' really dug into the technical details of tuning and adjusting the module.

    My question is this: In the very center of the pads there are those little dime-sized sensors (which i assume are mainly for targeting + form)- But something I noticed is if I dont DIRECTLY HIT the spot, the volume is significantly reduced, no matter how hard the hit.. Even if its off by one inch.. Can this be adjusted? Can the 'width' of the center sensor be adjusted so your guaranteed a nice LOUD HIT in the center within say, a 4" radius of the spot? Sorry if this might seem like a weird\un-informed question, but I'm a v-drums newbie. =) Thanks!

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    check the sensors and be certain they are not roached new ones can be ordrerd the mesh heads vibrate against them and the blue ones fall apart.
    i place soft foam packing material between the head and the sensor to eliminate the wear they fall out but i just put them back in i use circles that are about 1.5 inches and .5 inches thick they work great with no noticible difference to the sound