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Has anyone used a software sampler like Gigasampler/EXS-24 to trigger other samples?

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  • captain54
    With the release of Logic Platinum 4.7, EXS 24 is now compatible with a few more formats, namely Soundfont2, a few pretty good ones you can load for free at www.hammersound.com....pretty time consuming digging through all of them though....

    I thought the SonicImplants were pretty good for the EXS24, available in AKAI and Soundfont2, reasonably priced...

    On the pricier side there are a ton of great drum samples available from EastWest, ILIO, and Best Service...namely, Bob Clearmountain Drums, and Double Platinum Drums...

    Good Luck

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  • sector7
    http://www.vdrums.com/ubbbin/search....o&File=temp-24 51996-170247-nInu.cgi&Total=13&StartAt=A:

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  • Has anyone used a software sampler like Gigasampler/EXS-24 to trigger other samples?

    Just wondering. Within the next month or so this is going to be a major project of mine, so I figured I'd start it off here.

    I know this can be done. I've mentioned in previous posts that I'm thinking about layering a low volume acoustic drum samples on top of TD-10 toms and bass drums. I would like to incorporate other percussion instruments (that the td10 doesn't have like something similar to the Sabian Disc) into the vdrum setup and will probably use EXS24 to do it.

    Other question is, where can I find such samples? Thanks!!