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yamaha triggers w/DM Pro

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  • yamaha triggers w/DM Pro

    I had a problem once before getting my Yamaha HH60 HHat pedal to work with a Td-8...

    Now I'm going to attempt to try the same thing with an Alesis Dm Pro but would like to find out before I buy the Alesis brain...

    I'm using a Hart Accusnare and and everthing else are Yamaha triggers including the HH60 hit hat controller...

    Has anyone else used this configuration, and if not, what pads and controllers seem to be well matched the the DM PRO????

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    Alesis and Hart products work very well with each other. Alesis has a joint venture with Hart pads/cymbals & The DM-PRO. I had the DM-PRO hooked to the Hart products they all worked very well down to the hi-hat pedal. I have not played the DM-PRO with any other pads, but I have heard from many drummers that went with the DM-PRO and tried other pads/cymbals and found the Hart products to work the best.