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Gibralter clamp part numbers ??

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  • Moby-2-Play
    I'd like to know the samething. It seems to me that anything that has to be replaced by Roland, must be ordered or is on backorder.
    What's the deal with that?

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  • clamking
    started a topic Gibralter clamp part numbers ??

    Gibralter clamp part numbers ??

    ......As fate would have it, I broke one of my clamps on my 2 month old V-Pro kit. I read a post here a few months ago that listed the part numbers for the Gibralters, However, I was unable to locate them using the search feautre? I live 50 miles from the nearest music store, so I buy every thing via the web.
    ___1).Who's the fastest when it comes to ordering these ?
    ___2).And what are the part numbers?
    Thanks in advance,