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Holy grail concept......

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  • Holy grail concept......

    I am seeing all about Holy grail in these 3 days.......(nearly blind!!)and I am trying to set this......but seems I got the same problems of AkristaK have....(1-KD-7 &1 PD-100 produce same sound)

    I am going to summarize all I have learned...
    (1)I have to buy 1 SHACK and 1 stereo Y.
    (2)stereo Y is directly plug into TD-10(KICK input for example)
    (3)connect PD-100 and 1 end of Y for head sound.
    (4)plug the SHACK into the other end of the Y for trigger both rim and head
    (5)plug the KD-7 into the female end of SHACK

    It means everytime I kick the KD-7, I will trigger the rim sound (so I can arrange the rim sound as a bass drum sound)
    and everytime I hit the PD-100 , I will trigger only the head sound (so I can arrange the head sound as TOM sound)

    is it right????
    If above is right, it means it will never work without a SHACK ........
    (so the only problem is I cant find any shop selling this kind of SHACK in my area...)
    (If my concept is wrong......pls correct me)

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    Originally posted by drummercat:
    (so the only problem is I cant find any shop selling this kind of SHACK in my area...)
    I thought Radio Shack components originated in Asia, and you can't find these parts?



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      Originally posted by Marc.:
      I thought Radio Shack components originated in Asia, and you can't find these parts?


      Need to search......
      All electronic component shops is concentrated is 1 street only(In Hong Kong)........
      I need to go there and search it on saturday.....

      (24 Pads....Dream set~~~~Like yours, Marc)


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        Sorry, but what is the purpose of this? Please advise


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          Originally posted by feefer:
          Hi Drummercat,

          You are a bit off in your understanding, so I'd encourage you to use the 'Search' engine to re-read the multitude of posts pertaining to this topic. Start with the ones posted in the past few days, as they contain an overview to fill you in on why we're doing this.

          You need to really master the concepts of triggering, or it simply won't work for you.

          Finally I read the posts.....
          and I tired something but failed.....
          Is that the SHACK adaptor combine the 2 signal(head and rim) together??
          I cant find the SHACK adaptor in Hong Kong....but I tried made a special cord for myself.
          I bought 2 stereo male Jack and then short the 2 signal poles inside.then plug this special wire to the snare and the snare input.The result is harder hit triggered RIM shot and softer hit tirggered head sound.
          Then I use this special wire to TOM1 input and a PD-120.......but I cant trigger the rim sound of tom....I tried the scantime from 0.0 TO 4.0 and get the same result.....
          Do you have any suggestion for my case???


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            yeah feefer!!
            I re-read nearly all the post, and finally have a success!
            I change the trigger bank of tom 1 from pd120 to PD-9 , then I hit the (hot spot)of the td-120 and triggered the rim sound!!

            I found that SHACKING is the EXCELLENT method who want to make some special effect (hammer, glass....etc) for the song, which not need to buy extra PADs .
            The sensitivity is decreased a little when shacked....
            I need to set the value from 8 to 12 to make it louder.

            Anyway thanks Feefer for this interesting and useful topic!!