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TD-10... Separate midi channel for each pad???

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  • TD-10... Separate midi channel for each pad???

    Home recording (with Cakewalk). Is it possible to asign a different midi channel to each pad/drum?

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    You can trigger or record the TD-10 using only one channel, usually 10. But you can use any channel from 1 to 16, one assined to each part (drums and percussions).
    Each pad is identified with a midi note (that's send through the midi channel), if you hit the pad this midi note will be sent to Cakewalk and in the same way if you play this note in Cakewalk the pad sound will be triggered.
    If you like to record each pad in a separate channel you can use the function *separate midi notes*. I can't remember were is it in Cakewalk because I don't use it very often and I'm at the office right now. But if you like I can have a look tonight.