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GIGASAMPLER!!! WOW any suggestions?!

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  • GIGASAMPLER!!! WOW any suggestions?!

    I can get my hands on the world famous Gigasampler, with 20GB samples; you can even transform WAV files in to the sampler!! On a keybaord it sounds great, but can I use it on my V-drums?! Because when I hit a TOM its a short trigger acces, but a keyboard you can hold the tone for as long as you like.........
    please help
    THNX Ruben
    [email protected]

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    Yep you can. You have to adjust the release time (EG/LFO1 menu). You'll have to adjust it to the length of the sample. Then it'll play the entire sample. As simple as that.

    You can also use hihat functions -> when you play an open hihat and right after that a closed, the open hihat should be muted.
    You can mute a cymbal, as far as I know; but only when the mute sends out a note. Then you can apply the same 'trick' as with the hihat but then with a sample that's silent. (or the end of a muted hit for a more realistic sound)

    I also recommend to set the response to Linear. Otherwise Gigasampler makes the soft notes softer and the loud ones even louder. Of course it depends on the samples you use, but with my heavily multisampled Drumkit from Hell cd, linear response works a lot better.

    I think that with some tweaking I could even have a half open hihat and modes in between, but I haven't figured that out... yet :-)



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      which midi messages does a roland module send when you change the position of the hihat?