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Recording with TD-10 ?

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  • Recording with TD-10 ?

    Does my TD-10 record on it's own with out any accessories? If yes, then how?
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    If not, then what's the easiest way to record
    a track for our 2nd CD that we're in the process of making.
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    check it out here

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    The TD-10 can record a few seconds in the sequencer. For what you want you'll need an external recorder, portastudio, digital workstation or any PC/Mac with inputs and outputs.
    I'm using an old PC with a ISIS Maxi Studio sound card from Guillemot. To record audio and midi I use Cakewalk. The set up works fine for a basic home studio but you won't get much support from Guillemot. If you go the PC way I recommend looking for another sound card. You can try demo versions of Cakewalk, www.cakewalk.com, Cubase, www.steinberg.de, and Logitec, www.emagic.de