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Rimshot prob after upgrade

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  • Rimshot prob after upgrade

    I've read about this particular problem in past posts, but there was no clear solution to this problem...at least not one that I clearly understood . In any event, let me apologize NOW for my apparent ignorance . After I installed the TDW1, the improvements have me overwhelmed. However, I now get rimshots from my snare (Hart accupad). I've tried some of the tips or suggestions I've come across here at vdrums.com, but nothing really seemed to "fix" the rimshot prob. I finally ended up setting the rim sensitivity to OFF. A complete waste of this dual trigger pad, not to mention no rimshots or cross-sticks anymore . Can somebody (or everybody) please give me a definitive answer to a question that's been asked a number of times. Thanx
    DMPro rookie, TD10 newbie

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    It's not clear for me what is exactly your problem, rimshot when striking the head?
    When I upgraded my TD-10 I had to re adjust all pads's sensitivity parameter. I experienced double triggering, corss talk, etc.
    On the snare I adjust the sensitivity a bit down and adjust the new x-stick/rimshot parameter to the appropiate level. This is, how hard to hit in order to get a rimshot.
    But, BUT, I'm using a PD-120 and as was said before Roland pads match perfectly Roland modules.


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      The only adjustment you have is rim sensitivity. If you have lowered and eventually turned off this setting you have some sort of problem happening internally (module/exp board) or externally(pad/cord). I can't think of anything else that will actually affect the rim sensitivity. Maybe crosstalk affects this to a degree? Try turning it off. Maybe head sensitivity is so low that the rim sensitivity is always higher? I really don't know?


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        I don't think there's anything wrong with the module/exp card...or for that matter, the pad/cord seem to be working fine ('cept for the rimshot prob), and the reason is this...the dynamics of all pads are amazing after the upgrade. And the PS of the snare seems to be fine.
        DMPro rookie, TD10 newbie