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Headphone Panning?

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  • Headphone Panning?

    With my TD-10, when I assign different voices (kick, snare, toms, etc.) to the various outputs and pan hard left and right to get individual outputs, the sounds in my headphones are also panned left and right. Is there any way to use individual outputs, but maintain a stereo mix of the voices in my headphones? I want to hear the kick in my right and left ears!

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    I am not sure about the td-10, but on the td-8 the outputs and panning are two different things. You can assign your kick, toms ect. to different outputs without panning. You can leave everything centered on the module that way the headphones will be right. If you still want to pan things left and right, you can run your outputs into a stereo mixer and do all the panning there.


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