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Drum-Tec Diabolo vs Pro?

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  • Drum-Tec Diabolo vs Pro?

    So I'm looking to buy an electronic drum shell pack, and the Diabolo series caught my eye, but I'm wondering if anyone has experience with them in terms of how responsive they are etc. The Pros are certainly a step up in price, and I'm curious as to whether they offer any meaningful benefits beyond likely better construction.

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    One advantage of the Pro over the diabolo are the Real Feel heads the come with the Pro. I am sure you can probably buy them separate and fit them to the Diabolos though. I have a Pro Floor Tom but a Diabolo Kick Drum because my rack could not take anything bigger than an 18" Kick. Though different drums and triggers, I do not notice a difference using it with a TD-50X, for what is worth.


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      I had a diablo snare and a Pro Snare, but no other parts of the series.
      The Triggering on the diablo was as good as on the Pro, with Roland TD17 and Audiofront edrumin. The Real Feel Mesh head makes a big difference though, but of course you can swap them out at any time (and maybe only on the snare, I would not mind the drum tec design Heads on Toms).
      Yamaha DTX6K3-X with additional PCY155 as Ride and XP100SD as Snare.