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TD 50x Direct outputs

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  • TD 50x Direct outputs

    Simple and probably stupid question. Do the direct out connections require TRS or TS cables?

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    See the pic on the module itself - balanced TRS

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      goodness knows how I missed that."doh!!" thanks for pointing it out


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        I’ve always used unbalanced at home without an issue. In this case, balanced is really only about avoiding noise/ground issues. Generally, in a well-wired home or studio, it isn’t an issue. However, I would definitely use balanced live.
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          Yes, If you plug in TS cables the output will be Unbalanced with the Ring and Sleeve connected together by the TS Plug Sleeve.
          This is OK for very short distances.

          If you plug in TRS cables the output will be Balanced with the signals on the Tip and Ring, and the Sleeve acting to protect the signals from external electrical interference.
          This is OK for longer distances when the cables are more prone to external electrical interference.
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