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TD-10 outputs compaired to TD-8

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  • TD-10 outputs compaired to TD-8

    I have owned a Td-8 for about a year now...One huge problem is the number of out puts it allows ...I can only send out 4 outputs(2 stero masters,2 direct outs)when using the direct outs I lose all of my "effects" like reverb,eq etc...I want get a td-10 with expansion card...BUT can the TD-10 use all its 8 outputs(or 4 stero outputs..)and not lose all of its "effects" like reverb,compresion,eq,etc...My goal is to use all 8 and run each into my sudio...So i can mix snare,bass,toms,cymbals all seperate
    can anyone tell me if the TD-10 will allow this?

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    On the TD-10 excluding ambience, only the master outs can use the onboard effects. Using master and direct outs you get 4 stereo pairs. With correct left and right panning you can achieve 8 mono outputs.

    Hope this helps?


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      I, too, consider this a limitation on the td-8. When I play the church, I use the v-custom with three outs (kick, snare, everything else) and therefore lose all the ambience, which in a live situation I think helps get them to blend into the band better. Fortunately, it is a big church with a pretty good bit of dark ambinence to it (carpeted, not tile), so it doesn't sound too dry.

      I use the td-10exp at home. I record using six outs. Kick, snare, pair of toms, pair of cymbals, sometimes a seventh as just the hi-hat. I usually record to MIDI first so that I can choose my sounds at mix down if they need to be changed. Also, this lets me make two passes. The first records as above, the second records just a stereo pair of the ambience to it's own channel pair. This way, I can use it according to how much needs to be in the mix and not have to commit to the amb level at the recording stage. I don't feel that you should ever include effects as part of the recording because you invariably will change your mind at mixdown about how much needs to be there, and then you just have to re-record (there are exceptions to this, such as if the effect makes the sound what it is - like a phil collins gated snare).

      So, with this in mind, the td-8 can be used the same way. Do your separation of instruments on the first pass, send via midi back to the brain and let it play again with just the ambience sent to its own track. I think you can do this on the td-8, but I could be wrong.

      And don't buy into the story that MIDI robs your performance. Don't quantize. Set your ppq to a "high enough" value and you won't have a problem.

      Hope that helps,
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        thanks for the info...I now have a few things to try until I'm willing to shell out more money.....