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Drumsplitters with TD50

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  • Drumsplitters with TD50

    I recently picked up some drumsplitters from I split my tom and assigned the rim to a Roland Bar Trigger pad. I do hear the rim sound now when I strike the Bar Trigger, however, the rim on the tom still produces sound as well. I thought these drumsplitters were supposed disable the sound from the tom rim, but it doesn't seem to be the case. Wondering if anyone has successfully set this up? I just don't want to inadvertently hit the tom rim. Thanks in advance for any advice.

    BTW, I did follow the accompanying instructions that came with the splitters but was unsuccessul.
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    I use splitters on my TD-17. There are some differences between the modules, but I believe they are similar. I think what is happening the head piezo is picking up the rim hits. There is a trigger setting to reduce this head’s sensitivity so it will stop playing a rim sound. On the TD-17 I had to keep playing around with it till it stopped. It’ll reduce the sensitivity on the new pad you split for the rim zone. One of the trade offs. New rim zone pad is not as sensitive as the rest of your pads. Lastly, check that your connections are nice tight in the drumsplitter. When I first installed mine I was being gentle and I didn’t want to break something. However the cables need to snap into the drumsplitter and it took some force. More than what is used on a Roland pad, hence my hesitation.

    TD-17KVX (Snare = PD-125BK, Tom 1 = PDX-100, Tom 2 (Head zone only) = PDX-12, Tom 3 = PDX-12, Tom 4 (Rim zone of Tom 2 split via female splitter from = PDX-8, CY4 (Aux) = CY-5, Combo VEX Series 3 And Designer. Alesis Strike Multipad with Alesis RealHat pedal and Boss FS-6.