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Yamaha DTX700 Module + RHH135 Hihat Edge Zone Trigger in Logic Pro

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  • Yamaha DTX700 Module + RHH135 Hihat Edge Zone Trigger in Logic Pro

    My RHH135 works great on the DTX700 Module, but when connected to Logic Pro via USB, it will not trigger edge hits in either the open or closed positions. The top hits are working just fine. I have tried going into the midi remapping section of logic and have been unable to map it to accept the hits from both the open and closed edge hits, it will only register one or the other.

    I am totally okay with the module combining the edge and top sections and sending the midi data that way, I just cant figure out how to do that in the module. I have gone through the DTX700 Owner and Reference manuals, as well as diving deep into the module itself, I can't figure it out. Anyone able to help? Thanks!

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    This is a great question and I'd also love to see the answer. I do not have a DTX700 but I considered buying one. I would also need to change the midi output in the module and I can't find anything in the reference or owner's manuals either. This would be a deal breaker for me if it can't be done.


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      Reference manual page 21 -> (KIT/MIDI/ASSIGN 2/5) -> "Note"


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        You then need to check what the LogicPro is expecting - Open/Closed Notes or Open Notes and CC#4, and check what you are receiving at the LogicPro from the Module.
        On the DTX700, you need to check the MIDI Notes assigned to the Hi-Hat - Open Bow, Open Edge, Closed Bow and Closed Edge, probably 46,42,26,22, and make sure the Hi-Hat Control Channel is set to CC#4 for the Hi-Hat Pedal Position.
        I don't know if the DTX700 has a parameter such as HH Note# Border that tells the Module to either only send the Open Notes and the CC#, or switch between Assigned Open and Closed Notes depending on the Pedal Postion designated by the HH Note# Border value.