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HD-3 Bass kick sensitivity

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  • HD-3 Bass kick sensitivity

    Hello. Have a HD-3 kit and love it. Not a lot of tweaking available but the onboard kits are so excellent not a lot of need for kit adjustments. So easy to transport too.

    The kit is getting on now and one ongoing problem I have is the kick sensitivity. it is obviously a common problem as I see many asking similar questions but very few answers. A lot say the rubber stop hardens up and all sorts of suggestions to fix this including a new sensor but I feel the problem is in the metal strip that contacts the sensor. In my case the kick works ok, but it is a full volume hit, either all or nothing. Ie you can't kick softer harder and get a soft of harder output.

    I have adjusted / bent the metal strip a couple of times and results were great but always seems to go back to where it was and same problem again. One guy posted a solution sometime using felt squares under the strip but that hasn't worked for me, I have even shaved bits off the felt to try and get it spot on. The guy says, and probably rightly so that the steel strip has to be dead flat. And his idea is to keep the felt blocks under the strip to maintain the shape of the steel strip. To be adjusted correctly, you need to make very small bend adjustments, needs to be within a fraction of the perfect area or it doesn't work effectively. The sensor is fine. I can tap it lightly or harder with my finger and it is spot on. It is just getting the metal strip in the right spot and keeping it there.

    It takes ages to get it just in the right spot too and I forget every time if I should be bending it closer to the sensor or away and if anyone is aware exactly how these sensors work, I may be able to find a solution. For example should I be bending the steel upwards away from the sensor until it is not striking the sensor, then slowly bend back towards to sensor until it is in the desired area?

    I am guessing when the pedal is lightly depressed the steel should be lightly contacting the sensor. When the pedal is heavily depressed it strikes it fully and full volume. When I say "bend" I am talking about fractions of a 16th of an inch or millimeter. It really is that sensitive.

    Pad sensitivity is adjusted to -5 by the way and maybe this is wrong? I have been associating sensitivity with volume but maybe it may work better it I increase the sensitivity?

    The photo below shows 1) the steel strip and 2) the sensor

    Does anyone know how these things actually work? How should the steel strip contact the sensor? Flat, or the tip of the steel strip? It may give me some clue as to the best way forward. I'm thinking of something other than steel to use for the strip that contacts the sensor, something that will flex but stay flat without bending out of shape. Would have to be strong plastic. Maybe a slice off a credit card? The strip doesn't seem to need to be steel for electrical conductivity or magnetic as I can tap on the sensor with my finger. At least the plastic will flex and always return to flat, as the steel is obviously bending out of shape over time.

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