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TD9, 11 or 15 for my A2E... advices needed!

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  • TD9, 11 or 15 for my A2E... advices needed!

    Ive recently finished my A2E conversion and had settled for a second hand DM10 module, it sounded great on the few videos I had seen.

    Ive found it impossible to get a realistic Tom sound (kick and snare sound fantastic). There is also no options like the vex package etc. So I’m thinking of putting the DM10 up for sale and getting a Roland module.

    Im not willing to go over 300, so my choices are TD9, 11 or 15.
    The TD 9&11 are going for around 150 to 220 on eBay, and the 15 around 300 ish.

    Is there a big jump in quality between the 9&11 as they are similar price, is the 15 worth the extra money?

    Any tips greatly appreciated.

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    Are you intending to use the onboard sounds or to trigger a vsti? The td9 is old so I would go between the 15 and 11. The 15 has more trigger inputs, more sounds and patches. The 11 is defined as a low/starter module and the 15 as a mid module. Both were released at the same time but the 11 ran for longer. If it was me I would go for more trigger inputs but it depends what you want. I guess the sounds for 11 and 15 are of the same era. I personally think the Roland Tom sounds are awful but what you will find is the triggering will be far superior to the dm10.
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      Thanks for the reply, I’ve just had an offer for 300 accepted for the td15, I’ve had enough of the DM10 you spend more time fiddling with it than playing it...


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        I have a TD-9 module that I intended to upgrade a few months ago. I bought a used TD-15 and was really disappointed in the sounds. I preferred the TD-9 sounds much more. I also listened to the Drumtech sounds for both modules in case I wanted to use them. I preferred the Druntech sounds for the TD-9 as well. I would look on YouTube and find videos that include sounds for all of the modules that you are considering as that might help you make up your mind.


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          I have a TD-11 but I wouldn't be happy with it right out of the box without three major overhauls: upgraded almost all the pads (see signature), installed the VEX sound packs (and some Drum-Tec), and added a crash cymbal. I don't need, and won't be getting, any more triggers, and the USB function of the TD-11 is handy. So, now it's a TD-11 kit, yes, but pretty well only in terms of brain and kick since all the rest are upgrades. Oh, one more thing, space is limited for me, so didn't want to go with anything bigger, so I kept the rack too. It might have been cheaper to sell the TD-11 and buy something better in the Roland line, but I was able to do all the upgrades piecemeal as I could afford them and as 'open-box' or 'used' parts became available. Yes, a beginner kit, but it's amazing what you can do with a bit of extra investment. And, I don't spend any time at all tweaking sounds...just dial in a different kit for a different sound.
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