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DrumKAT compatibility

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  • DrumKAT compatibility

    Hi there I hope you are all doing well!

    I have some question about which triggers are compatible with my DrumKAT 3.8, I want to take advantage all those inputs for other triggers and use them as my main midi controller for Addictive Drums 2, which is the VST that I currently use for working and make some drum work here at home and when I have to play in small venues.

    1. Can I use the Roland KT-10 with the DrumKAT?
    2. Can I use the Roland FD-9 as HiHat controller with the DrumKAT?
    3. Can I use the Pintech eWedge Trigger Pad with the DrumKAT?

    Also I am thinking to buy the Alternate Mode eHAT 2, I found really good reviews about it and it seems to be very flexible and expressive just in case if the Roland FD-9 is not compatible with the DrumKAT

    These are basically my questions.

    Thank you so much in advance for your time and comments, it will be very helpful!

    Excuse my deficient english

    Have an amazing day!
    DrumKat 3.5

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    1) Yes

    2) Not sure, but IF the FD-9 definitely is not compatible, then you can connect it to the original MIDI EXPRESSION ($49) -

    3) Yes

    If you already have an extra bass drum pedal, you can just get the Alternate Mode eHAT 2 adapter which is $69 -

    Of course if you want the complete eHat2 for $134,
    that would be the best choice, in my opinion.


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      Hello Vectron, I hope everything is going well!

      Thank you so much for your answer, this really helps me and gives me some new ideas for what I want to do.

      I already bought the eHAT and the eKIC from Alternate Mode, plus the eWedge from Pintech, maybe I will start to see a single zone pad as snare and leave the DrumKAT for other sounds.

      By the way, now that you mentioned the Audiofront Products, I was very close to buy an EDRUMIN, but I did not because I feel a little bit confuse and If you can help me I will appreciate it!

      Is The Edrumin like a plug and play “Pad's” Interface? I mean, Is it necessary to have their software to make it work?
      My idea is to use the pads with Addictive Drums 2 or Ableton Live's Drum Rack and I do not know if I have to use their software inside of Ableton or stand Alone to make work the pads.

      Again, thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it!

      I wish you an amazing day!
      DrumKat 3.5


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        Edrumin has it's own stand alone software for Windows and Mac. See this review, and it will explain everything:
        The drumKat is old and only has nine MONO inputs, but the Edrumin is new, and has advanced multiple inputs (as explained in the video).
        Also, see:
        I recommend waiting for the new Edrumin10 ($329).
        Last edited by Vectron; 08-04-20, 01:50 AM.