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Roland TD9 and Alesis DM10

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  • Roland TD9 and Alesis DM10

    Hello, complete newbie here, please be patient

    I have a mix of pads and cymbals along with two drum modules. A roland td9 and alesis dm10.
    Would it be possible to connect the two modules together and use a VST like addictive drums 2.
    Using the td9 as a master, and the dm10 as a slave.
    I have a roland um-one cable, is this all I need.
    what do I need to do to be able to do this.

    What further information do you need from me to be able to help me.

    Thanks in advance.

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    One option:

    TD9 --> MIDI cable --> DM10 --> USB cable --> PC.

    (no need for UM-ONE)

    Change drum/MIDI notes on the TD9 and DM10 so they aren't the same

    Change software drum map to respond to the incoming notes as you desire.

    Make sure DM10 MIDI THRU is "on".

    *** MIDI IN: good. Cable snake: bad ***
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      Hi electrodrummer,
      and thanks for the quick response.

      I have just ordered a midi cable and will set it up how you say.
      I'll have a look at the manuals to see how to change the midi notes.