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Kick Drum Tension (ATV EXS-5)

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  • Kick Drum Tension (ATV EXS-5)

    Can you damage the pad by having the tension on your kick drum too loose? Have the ATV EXS-5 and was having a tough time getting the kick pad to not be a trampoline for my Pearl Demon Drive pedal...Loosened the tension up quite a bit to where its not super bouncy and can bury the beater without getting 3-4 extra bounces like it was before.

    Feels better now, still get an extra hit if I get lazy on technique, but far better than it was before loosening the tension. In doing so, it is now incredibly soft where the beater hits. Like really flimsy. Can this damage the pad by keeping the tension this loose? Haven't had any issues with triggering so far, just worried I'll mess it up keeping it this loose.

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    i don't know where your trigger cone(s) are ? inside this pad.. but..
    too loose tension increases 'play' of mesh rubbing across cone, with every stroke.. in some time this will increase wear on the cone
    with loose tension this will go faster.. ..i've had great results with adding 1 cm thick piece of foam to beaters (on several kits of people)
    with double sided tape.. if beater did not have a flat side, i'd cut off the felt to make a flat side.. if you choose the wrong kind of foam,
    then you think 'this does not work'.. no.. but with the right kind of foam, you get a much better feel / less bounce..
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      Ah, very interested in this...Thanks for the reply.

      2 questions:
      1) Would you then make the tension tighter then with the foam on the beater?
      2) What is the right kind of foam?


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        yes, one thing i forgot .. your cone can also get warped or compressed with too loose head.. so, i would tension it..
        and then solve the problem at the beater.. (imo) the right kind of foam, can be compressed (multiple times) but transfer impact,
        it is soft, but durable, doesn't add energy to a stroke.. but absorbs some .. (it's hard to describe too)
        if you find it .. keep a sheet of the material, because it might need replacing in time .. i've got some strips.. and i had to try different kinds too ..
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          Will give this a try...Thanks so much!


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            I think I've finally found a solution for bouncy ATV kickpad..good old mousepad with wrist support :-)
            It feels much more natural now, double triggering is almost completly solved, it's not as bouncy and I don't feel any vibrations in the pedal and my leg when I hit the kickpad stronger. It's also a bit more quiet.
            It's good to keep the beater as high as possible - the trigger cone is at the top, near the ATV logo.

            I had to add +2 to the sensitivity to keep original dynamic.
            Also - it's good to loose pedal spring tension.

            and some modifications of the beater (though they may be not needed with the mousepad - I have to do some more tests)
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              This is a great idea. I do have a couple of questions.

              Do you know the brand (or dimensions) of the mousepad you used? It looks like a perfect fit.

              How did you attach the mousepad to the drum?