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Drum-Tec Pro Custom Snare triggering incorrectly

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  • Drum-Tec Pro Custom Snare triggering incorrectly

    Hi there!

    I hope this is the right forum for my question!
    I've recently bought a used Drum-Tec Pro Custom 14" Snare Drum on eBay.

    After setting it up today (I'm using a TD-25 Module with the latest Firmware Update and the recommended Trigger Settings for Drum-Tec hardware) I quickly noticed that the Snare Drum has significant issues when it comes to Rim- and Head triggering.

    Sometimes, hitting the head (even dead-center) will trigger a comparatively loud Rimshot, regardless of how I adjust the settings. Drum Rolls will have random Rimshots of varying volume mixed in between regular hits.
    While searching for the root of the problem, I noticed that when touching the Metal brackets of the Snare Drum with any skin while hitting the Head (hands, legs, you name it), the Snare will always trigger a Rimshot - as if that would cause some sort of electrical circuit to close or as if the wiring picks up on the static electricity of my hands.

    Here's what I've tried to fix the issue so far;
    • Changing every single setting to every single value imaginable - deactivating Positional Sensing did help a little bit, significantly reducing Rim Sensitivity (to the point where I almost had to get a hammer to even trigger a Rimshot) did next to nothing; it would still trigger Rimshots when hitting the head, with or without any skin touching the metal brackets
    • I've removed the head to check for any loose connections, wrong wiring or faulty triggers - everything seems set up correctly
    • When lightly tapping the top of the trigger cone directly (without the Mesh head), the problem still persists, I would say it's even worse than with the Mesh head on (so the Mesh Head/tension isn't the problem here)
    • Using a different cable does not fix the issue either
    • Switching back to my old PDX-100 completely fixed the issue, so it's not a faulty cable or an issue of the module
    Does anyone have an idea as to what could be the cause of that issue? and, more importantly, what might fix it?
    I was really looking forward to finally upgrade my Snare drum but thus far, it's been nothing but a disappointment.

    If bad comes to worse, the Snare Drum still has a warranty on it, so sending it in could be the last resort if nothing else helps.

    Thanks in advance for every bit of help!

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    this is the weirdest thing i've heard.. could be electrical..'s one idea.. try different wall sockets (module power)
    also, earthed and non earthed sockets .. see if you still have it ..
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      Hello again,

      it is weird, indeed! After trying different (earthed and non-earthed sockets) to no avail, I've contacted Drum-Tecs customer support to see if they knew anything about the issue.

      They've told me that...
      1) getting exclusively Rimshots when touching the outer metal parts of the Snare (such as the brackets, mount etc.) is completely normal with some of their models due to the way the Drum is earthed
      2) the issue with Rimshots while hitting the head most likely boils down to faulty wiring and/or a damaged chip

      ...In the end, this means that I'll return the Snare Drum; as a Double Bass player my legs touch the Snare Drum rather frequently and considering that fixing the faulty wiring myself would ruin the warranty, this is the best solution for me.

      Thanks for the help! Hopefully, future Drummers with similar problems can refer to this thread :-)