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HXM Drum Enquiry for MIDI recording

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  • HXM Drum Enquiry for MIDI recording

    Hi all,

    I am a new member to this forum. This forum has been a source of information for Edrums for me.
    I have an HXM012 Electronic Drum kit.
    On its own, I think its a pretty decent drum kit. I intend to trigger EZdrummer 2 with it.
    I tried connecting via usb. However, there is always problems of mistriggering and/or the hits are too soft.

    This is the drum kit (not my picture found it off google)
    Here is a video from youtube:

    I am thinking the drum brain may not be so friendly am not too sure. Been tinkering with it for the past 2 months and just have been very frustrated.

    Tried using the eDrum midi mapper to sort out the mistriggering and I am met with another bunch of problems where the velocity is weak.

    I am thinking of changing the drum module, however i fear that I may be faced with a pad that does not work with the module. There is not much information on HXM drums. hahaha I tried messaging the company only to be replied with a "Connect USB drums to EZdrummer 2" tutorial LOL. Do not want to be faced with a predicament where a drum module is bought and it doesnt work.

    As a broke university student it is tough to shell out a couple hundreds to buy a whole new edrumkit.
    Is there any workaround for this? Any help would be really appreciated from the experts in this forum!

    I have an HXM012 edrum kit and wish to reuse the pads on a decent drum module as the current module doesnt record midi very well.
    Would like to replace the drum brain and recycle the drum pads.

    Thanks in advance!

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    i know that kit.. the cymbal pads are 'very good' and the other pads 'ok'
    everything would work on a roland module (a used TD-4 module would be 125 bucks) and have much better trigger parameters..
    but.. they don't all have the same hihat pedal controller.. so, 'maybe' you also need to buy a used roland FD-7 (ask for 100% working)
    those are about 35 bucks.. some guys also triggered ez drummer with a roland td-4 (or a model up)..
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      Audiofront edrumin. 2 of them.
      Not a module, only Trigger -> MIDI.
      Audiofront eDrumIn. Triggering mainly SD3.

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        Hi guys sorry for the late reply.
        Okay so a roland drum module would work for me with these pads?

        I live in Singapore so its pretty difficult to find used roland modules. (usually its used with a kit)
        Am thinking of getting any roland drum module i can get my hands on!

        I will checkout audiofront edrummin.

        Really would like to use these pads and not shell out a heap for my edrums thanks guys.


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          Hello OP, When you play with the HXM module, do the hits sound fine? You can play soft, or hard and the module sounds respond as they should? If yes, then it is probably your midi setup. Make sure everything is correct. Same Midi channel sending from module and listening for EZD, that the module has midi sending turned on, and turn off sound generation in the module, that velocities are from 0 to 127 in the module, etc.... There are many settings and it is easy to get lost somewhere along the way. Are you using the standalone Toontrack app, or a DAW? Finally, those pads are piezo-switch-switch. So, only the head sound would work with a Roland module. You would be better off with a second hand Yamaha DTX500/502 if you can find one, which uses the wiring scheme mentioned above.
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