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SPD SX - Midi to TD27 - SD3

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  • SPD SX - Midi to TD27 - SD3

    Morning all

    Can I run Midi out of SPD SX to Midi In of TD27 and then use pads on SPD SX to trigger Superior Drummer 3 (which will run from my MTD27 to laptop of course )
    Example - I have my SPD SX on my right - so if I want to hit one of the SPD SX pads and have it play a closed Hi Hat from Superior Drummer 3.

    Just thinking out loud and getting ideas as I set this gear up
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    Yup - just make sure the TD-27 is set to allow MIDI THRU (on the SPD-SX, this is via the "SOFT THRU" parameter in the "Setup" section --- imagine it's similar on other Roland gear) and you've correctly assigned the MIDI notes and channels per pad on the SPD-SX (this is done via the "Kit" section, non-intuitively).

    ad5 // SPD-SX // DTXMulti12 // drumbrute // DFAM


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      Thankyou so much


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        Thanks again Ribot, spent today on this and its starting to "get there". Obviously there's quite a bit of personal tweaking depending on equipment, ears and taste, but your pointers got me started well and I have a kit saved thats sounding great through speaker's already.

        Couldn't map that CY18 but, don't get it at all, it.placed my bell on by bow area etc. It seems simple as I know how to adjust the hi hats in that area and I have them DIALLED, and this ride seems easier, but doesn't work for me ( yet )