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2Box Speedlight New owner here, need some help and I'll try to answer your questions

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  • 2Box Speedlight New owner here, need some help and I'll try to answer your questions

    Hi all - new here!

    tried to post this yesterday but I guess I put it in the wrong place. hope this one doesn't get deleted.

    So I've recently upgraded from my old Alesis DM6 to the 2box speedlight kit. Quite a jump and i'm really happy with it so far. There's not a great deal of info out there about the kit itself so if anyone has any questions about the hardware I'll do my best to answer them.

    Now for my question: Hihat Calibration! I've read the manual and i'm kind of struggling to dial it in using the POFF & PFACT values. I feel like the gradient of going from closed to open is too steep, and i'm struggling to get it feeling more natural and not just ON / OFF like the old Alesis hihat controller. Again, there's not much info out there about setting this up with the actual 2box hihat. Also, the manual says: "When using a 2BOX pad, the function of the two parameters is exactly inversed", which is even more confusing!

    Can anyone help?


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      Hey thanks for the response. I'd already seen that vid, he's using a roland hat, not the speedlight one ​​​​​​.


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        After finishing the calibration process of the hi-hat ... you could try to raise the Pfact about 10-15 steps and see if this improves the situation. I would also relax about the poff...the calibration will take care about this value. Set the pedal curve to negative 2.

        I also felt that the speedlight hihat was very direct going from closed to open when testing. (And came up with my own fix....) But things could have changed since then...

        Best regards

        anders /

        Pearl CrystalBeat and Sonor Safari, Roland CY-14/13R/15R/12CR,RT-10/30,BT-1,VH-11/12/13 & KD-10,Dingbat,Triggera D14, D11, ATV AD-h14, 120MHz MegaDRUM with PS board, 2box 3/5/5MKII, dd4SE, Yamaha DTX502, Addictive Drums 2.1.11. All ADpaks, Microsoft Surface PRO, Macbook, Pearl Throne Thumper, Zourman HH & Ride Conv Kit


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          Hi anders, l tried that and it is a little better. I guess its just a limitation of the 2box hi hat.

          I've seen a few other posts of yours about addictive drums, so maybe you can help with another problem..

          Using the drumit 5 mapping in AD2 everything works pretty well, except the hi hat. After I've opened and closed it a few times it will keep playing open hits when the pedal is pressed down. It still makes the foot chick sound, but any strokes on the pad registers as open hits.

          Any ideas?