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Choke function with Vh-11 on Mimic PRo

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  • Choke function with Vh-11 on Mimic PRo

    HI ALL,

    Just getting started with MIMIC pro (amazing) and setting up VH-11 with some issues.

    Firstly I cant choke the hi hat by hand, works fine on my td-12, is this just a function of the MImic setup or should I be able to choke the high hat?

    Also have has to play around with trigger settings on the VH-11 to get balanced response in terms of volume from the bow and edge hits, still could be better but works ok for now.

    However the response for playing an open scoop is very sluggish, does not trigger fast enough really have to lift foot off the hi hat pedal, was getting better results with a cy5 and fd8, any tips on improving on this?

    Thanks in advance?

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    First make sure you have firmware v1.0.9.2 , check your build version in your mimic at setting\sys bottom right, if not v1.0.9, at download tab

    I use vh11 and it's ultra fast. Your hihat stand need to be at least at medium tension, loose hihat tension don't works great with edrum.

    You might joint the mimic group here for tips

    You need to use VH11v2 preset
    -Set input gain 12
    -Capture top velocity for bow and edge zones individual, hit 5 hard hit and click store for individual zones.
    -Capture close\open position, make sure at extra tight position you press down, not softly.
    -For close\open border threshold, when you close the pedal hihat down, hit with the stick the hihat plate, if it sound loose closed, double tap on close\open border threshold, use the rotary knob, increase slightly value, until close position sound close hihat, not loose closed sound.

    On setting tab
    -For close\open fast speed, close to open transition sensitivity, if it's at 25 for slower player, there where will be delay for fast playing close_open, with a sound in between interfering, 5-10 it is very fast close_open.
    -Set denoise to 3
    -For fine tuning you have pedal curve for in between open level
    -Xtalk suppression at the end.

    -Make sure you do the same for all triggers
    -For toms\snare input gain is usually under 9 (4-9) vary on triggers, it's really to detecting only the sound with soft as possible stick tap on the mesh.
    -Capture top velocity center and edge
    -Set threshold for toms\crash at 20
    -Make sure you Xtalk suppression for all triggers
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      Thanks Chris I will try these settings. Can you choke your vh-11?


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        As far as I'm aware, choking a hi-hat by hand doesn't seem to work on the Mimic like it does on Roland modules. Not sure why, to be honest, seems like the kind of feature that only needs to replicate a pedal closing but without a foot sound. I currently use a Yamaha PCY-135 for a hi-hat but I've also used an Alesis Strike 14" cymbal and a Roland CY-12 and haven't noticed it be any different between the pads.

        It's not really a feature I use often so can see why it might not be a big talking point, but I have used it from time to time on my TD-50.
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          OK thanks Pulsc, I just wanted to confirm that there wasn’t an issue with the module as it worked with the test-12.